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Lab Oven


Lab OvenLab OvenLab Oven

 Provided to industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research for desiccation, torrefaction, wax-melting and sterilization.
 1.Microprocessor control (with timing function)
 2.Interior of oven is made of secular steel by argon-arc-welding techniques, and the exterior of oven is made of high-quality steel sheet with a beautiful and novel appearance.
 3.Microprocessor PID temperature controller with temperature control protection, digits display and timing function ensures a precise and reliable temperature control. (Intelligent programmable LCD temperature controller is and option).
 4.Hot-air circulating system consists of a fan keeping running under a high temperature and proper air ducts to ensure a uniform distribution of temperature in chamber.
 5.Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen. (Option)
 6.Recorder and printer are options which can print or record setting parameters and tracing variation curves of temperature. (Option)

Lab Oven
 Lab Oven

Lab Oven

Lab Oven

 *Intelligent programmable LCD temperature controller
 *Independent temperature-limiting controller
 *RS485 Socket



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