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Thermal Shock Chamber


Thermal Shock Chamber


Thermal Shock Chamber

 1.The outer skin is make of steel plate coating with Zinc on double sides, processed with digital control, and painting process on surface for protection.
 2.The inner material is stainless steel SUS304.
 3.The chamber is divided into 3 parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone and testing zone. Special heat isolating structure and preserve cold and heat treatment.
 4.Lead high or low temperature into chamber by switching over cold or heat air valve.
 5.Can set low, high, or thermal shock model independently, two cases or three cases option at thermal shock model, meanwhile, high and low temperature testing function is available.
 6.Switching over time for wind direction valve is less than 10 seconds.
 1.Originally Japanese computer LCD displayer (320*240 Dots), bilingual of Chinese and English, simple and easy to operate.
 2.RS232 communication interface, programme with computer to operate, collect data and record.
 3.Full-automatic high-accuracy system circuit, high accuracy in temperature control.
 4.PLC control, PID automatic calculate.  
 5.In case of unusual condition, the screen display alarm, and stop operation.
 6.High programme memory capacity, can set and store 100 programme. Maximum cycles: 9999. Maximum setting time for every segment: 999 hours 59 minutes.
 1.Semi-closed binary cascade refrigeration system
 2.Semi-closed butterfly valve compressor / full-closed piston compressor
 3.Freezing medium: imported R404A,R23
 1.Cable hole;
 2.Embedded 2 layers of shelf made of stainless steel;
 3.Time simulative meter;
 4.Energy saving lamp;
 6.Standing legs, 4, can up or down by adjusting.
 1.Independent protect for every case to over temperature
 2.Short circuit
 3.Compressor over voltage, over load, over current.
 4.Phase sequence
 1.Technical data: certificate of quality, warranty card, operation and maintenance manual.
 2.Enclosure: a set of quick-wear part



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