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Ozone Aging test chamber


Ozone Aging test chamber

This product series are mainly used to evaluate the ozone aging resisting performance of rubber and the protective efficacy of the antiozonant so as to take the effective ozone-aging resisting measures to extend the life span of the rubber products. The whole ozone generating and capture process is performed in an airtight loop, which guarantees the safety of people. 
 Static strain and dynamic strain are both considered. And an interface with the conventional chemical test of ozone concentration is provided to help with the analysis and test.

Ozone Aging test chamber
 Sample holder

 Ozone Aging test chamber

Interior of the sample holder and other accessories parts are stainless steel, the interior of the sample holder, fixtures and accessories such catheters are used easily by ozone decomposition, and effects of ozone concentrations stainless steel and other materials.Sample holder can rotate 360 degrees, speed can be adjustable.
 Ozone generator

Ozone Aging test chamber

As a result of the intermediate frequency high voltage power supply, due to the corona electrode 
 does not produce heat, so that the concentration of ozone generated stable and will not change 
 with the level of working hours or the gas flow caused by the ozone concentration. The 
 high-frequency corona surface discharge ceramics since high frequency voltage discharge 
 generator, when the temperature of the discharge region can not be effectively dissipated, leading 
 to decomposition of ozone due to overheating, is preferably used under high flow conditions.
 No wearing components, work maintenance-free, long-life type. The high-frequency generator 
 creeping corona discharge ceramic surface is easy to produce oxide ceramic electrode 
 attachment, when the surface oxide is too thick, prone to corona block, not cleaned, will not 
 produce ozone.


Ozone Aging test chamber        Ozone Aging test chamber

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