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Salt Spray / fog chamber


Salt Spray / fog chamber

A.Application area:
 This product is applicable for salt mist corrosion test to various accessories and parts, electronic components, coating of metal material and industrial products.
 1.Newly improved, excellent function of energy-saving.
 2.Comply with a series of GB standard and equivalent IEC, MTL, DIN, ASTM.
 3.The test chamber can be extended and reformed into Alternating Salt Mist Test Chambe and Cycling Salt Mist Test Chamber. Then the cycling salt mist test chamber can effect temperature & humidity test, salt mist test,and drying test individually.

Salt Spray / fog chamber

 1.The inner bladder is made of imported PVC/PP plate with function and  performance of corrosion-resisting, high-strength, anti-aging, thermo stability.
 2.The outer body is made of imported PVC plate with function and performance of corrosion-resisting, high-strength, anti-aging.
 3.The cover is made of imported PCV/PP plate with function and  performance of corrosion-resisting, high-strength, transparent, thermo stability. The situation inside the chamber can be observed clearly through the cover.
 4.Other accessories is made of stainless steel or copper, corrosion-resisting and thermo stability.
 5.The whole mould is soldered with high-temperature, corrosion-resisting, easy to clear, no leak.
 6.Tower type spray system with saline solution heating function and non-crystallization nozzle, salt mist spray uniformly, settlement adjusted automatically.
 7.Water seal structure is adopted between the cover and chamber body, no mist leak.
 8.Circuit board and other components are fixed at proper position which is convenient to be checked and maintained. Lock and door type of side cover, elegant appearance and convenient to maintain.
 1.Temperature controller: LED digital display PID + SSR microprocessor integrated controller. High-precision PID temperature controller, optional in brands Fuji and PKC, deviation is merely ±0.1℃.
 2.Temperature and humidity sensor: PT100.
 3.Heating system: nichrome electric heater, full independent system. 
 4.Spray system: tower type spray device with non-crystallization nozzle, salt mist spray finer and more uniformly.  
 5.Spray time: 1 – 99 (S,M,H), period adjustable.
 6.Saline solution collecting: standard funnel and standard metering cylinder.
 7.Saline solution preheating: saline solution temperature equal to temperature inside chamber.
 Protection for: leakage of electricity, short circuit, extra-temperature, lack of water, extra-voltage, test over. 
 Memory function when controller power shut off. 
 Every circuit equipped with breaker, every heater attach electronic and mechanical over-heat protection device.
 1.Technical data: qualified certificate, instruction for use, circuit diagram, warranty card, two sets of install manual, operation and maintenance manual, purchased parts certificate and instruction for use.
 2.Enclosure:a set of quick-wear part, include pole, V type sample shelf, 2 nozzles, 2 sets of funnel and metering cylinder.



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