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Box Rain test chamber


Box Rain test chamber

 Application area
 Comprehensive box rain test chamber (with swing pipe and right angle tube) is used to test the electric and electronic devices by simulating natural rainfall with spraying water from the water nozzles (holes) on swing pipe or straight tube. To estimate and recognize if the shell or sealing elements of these device could ensure a good condition of working during and after the test. The products are widely used in the industries of light, electrical, electronics, automobile, motorcycle, household electric appliances, electromechanical equipment, instruments and meters, and other industries.


Box Rain test chamber

 GB2423. 38-90, Basic environmental test regulation of electric and electronic product, Test R: The method of test with water;
 GB/T4942.2-93, IP rating of low voltage shell; and conform to the standards of Europe and Japan.
 1.Newly improved, scientific design, advanced structure, excellent function of energy-saving.
 2.The key components are from world brands, guarantee advanced and reliable performance, noise and every-saving in a optimum control.
 3.Total fields raining cover in 360°.
 4.Excellent operation, stability, durability and safety, eco-friendly.
 1.The inner bladder is made of imported high-quality stainless steel plate. 
 2.The outer body is made of high grade cold-roll steel sheet with Zinc coating, the surface is treated with powder painting, looks bright, clean and graceful.
 3.Raining tube is made of stainless steel, spray nozzles can be adjusted.
 4.Other accessories which touch to water is made of stainless steel or copper.
 5.Control board: touch screen color controller, and run/stop button, at the right side of the chamber. 
 6.Door: the inner material is stainless steel plate, sealed with silicon rubber, thermostable, anti-aging. A water channel is equipped under the door, a part of water can be discharged by the channel after test finished.
 7.Handle: a handle without reaction force, easy open or close.
 8.Observing window: equipped on the door, large view, with a manual wiper.
 9.Illumination light: a light installed on the window for seeing the test condition, controlled by manual switch.
 10.Moving device: four fixable castors are installed at the bottom of the chamber, result in convenient moving and placing the equipment.
 1.Speed regulating device: Rotary holder is controlled by a gear motor, and the rotate speed is regulated by a speed controller.
 2.Set to swing tube: work with stepping motor, controlled by gear motor, the parameters needed can be set on controller directly.
 3.Swing tube and rotary holder respectively has their own independent control system.
 4.Time setting individually controls several separate systems.
 5.Water filter is equipped.
 No fuse protection switch, Leakage of electricity, Full jacket terminals, Timing for the whole equipment,Automatic stop.
 1.Technical data: qualified certificate, warranty card, user manual.
 2.Enclosure:power cable, 3 meters (3 phase, 4 wires+ GND).
 1.Power supply: AC  380V±10%; 50 Hz 
 2.Ambient temperature & humidity: +5℃~32℃   ≤85%RH 
 3.Environment: no severe vibration, no strong interference of electromagnetic, no direct sunlight or radiation from other heat source.



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