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Fast Alternating Temperature test chambe


Fast Alternating Temperature test chambe

Purpose of product: 
 Fast alternating high-low temperature test chamber is applicable for the cold resistance tests, the applicability tests under the conditions of fast/slowly-changing temperature and the environmental stress screening (ESS) tests for instruments, meters and electric and electronic products and parts to analyze and evaluate the property and performance of the samples under the simulated conditions.
 Main configuration: 
 The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet subject to acid pickling, phosphatization and electrostatic plastic spraying. The interior structure is made of SUS304# high-quality stainless steel. The factory-packed powerful industrial refrigerating machine (unit) with world-famous brands and quality refrigerating parts adopt R404A and R23 environmental protective refrigerant. Imported programmable intelligent computer controller with LCD touch screen and Chinese interface.
 Standard spare parts: 
 2 sets of sample racks; 
 A sheet of observation window; 
 A through hole of φ25 or φ 50.

Optional parts: 
 Communication interface RS232 or RS485, 
 A recording device, 
 A mini printer, 
 A remote temperature controlling system (including a printer, communication software and a computer) and mobile casters.


Main Technical Specifications

Fast Alternating Temperature test chambe

 1.Apart from the types listed above, we can design and manufacture the non-standard products according to the specific requirements of the customers.
 2.Any change in the design of products due to the development of technology is subject to no further notification.



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