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CUSTOMIZED Sand and dust test chamber
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A. Application area:
This test chamber is applicable for electrical products which may withstand wind sand or dust storm erosion, to run a normal operation in a simulated environment, so that to make the test. After the trial with regulated and effective time, make observation and analysis to determine whether the specimen meet the requirements of the standards.  The results can be used to guide the improvement or reform of product technology, design, manufacturing process, to achieve the perfect performance. This test chamber is essential laboratory equipment for electrical appliance manufacturers.

B. Features
a) Reasonable structure, durable, easy operation and maintenance.
b) Rotary specimen rack, rotation direction, speed and rack height are all adjustable.
c) Wind speed: 0.5-15m/s in working-room, adjustable.
d) Time: 0.01s to 99h99m, preset at will.
e) Motor speed: 0-1400r/m, adjustable, frequency conversion control.

C. Specifications
a) Voltage input: Single phase, 220VAC10/50Hz, GND.
b) Power: appro. 15KW
c) Load capacity: 10A, output AC 0220V
d) Rotary table:
Diameter: Ø600mm
Rotation speed: 1-5rpm
Load table: pipe net type
Rotation direction and speed is controlled by controlling cabinet.
e) Inner dimension: D800mmW1000mmH1000mm
Outer dimension: D1000mmW2300mmH1900mm
f) Chamber body is made of A3 cold-roll steel sheet, processed with integrated weld.
g) Dust applicable: conform to relative standard.
h) Mesh diameter: 50um, wire spacing: 75um.
i) Dust density: 1-3g/m¬¬¬¬¬3, adjusted by controlling proportion solenoid.
j) Wind speed: 0.5-15m/s in working-room, adjustable.
k) Total test time: 0.01s to 99h99m, preset at will, memory function when power interrupt.
l) Time of power on or power off to specimen: 0.01s to 99h99m, preset at will.
m) Interval time in blow: 0.1s to 99m, preset at will.
n) The blowers wind power conform to requirement, and adjustable within 0-5500m3/h, control the blower by sensor of wind speed.
o) Motor speed: 0-1400r/m, adjustable, frequency conversion control.
p) Temperature: ambient +15---70
q) Weight: appro.600KG
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